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Jewish Philosophy and Theology

The G-d Boxes
Audio | 1:27:29
The G-d Boxes
Classifying existence and its relationship to G-d
Man's Free Will
Audio | 2:00:18
Man's Free Will
Analyzing a profound metaphor from a passage of Zohar
How to Do Hitbonenut
Audio | 1:20:22
How to Do Hitbonenut
The System of Chassidic Meditation
The Chassidic Approach to Intellect
G-d Wants to Say Kaddish
Does the Torah Want Us to Have Slaves?
The Torah as the Blueprint for Life
The Point of Life is G-d
The Importance of Halachah
Reward and Punishment
Audio | 1:17:42
Reward and Punishment
G-d Respects Your Choices
The Duties of the Mind and Heart
How you should think and feel and Jewish philosophy