In bemoaning one’s spiritual growth, one needs to know that part of an organized discipline and service of G‑d is not to allow himself to become overburdened with unfounded demands. For just as one is to recognize his deficiencies, he must also be fully aware of his positive traits. Additionally, in order to grow, a person must be in a good disposition and mood and not constantly deride himself.

He who works to better himself may encounter times that he possesses certain shortcomings. Yet — because he wants to grow and does not want this weakness to hinder his spiritual advancement — if he cannot chase away this negative trait and uproot it entirely at that moment, he should circle it with many barriers and fences so that no actual negativity will result from it. The work of chasing it away and totally ridding himself of it should be left for a later time when he will have the fortitude to achieve this task. For these are precisely the two components necessary for organized and well-structured discipline: one, to recognize one’s weaknesses and yet, two, to continually encourage and boost his morale to move forward and grow.

Igros Kodesh of the Rebbe Rayatz, vol. 7, p. 320