We again had the zechus to visit our dear Rebbetzin at her home. Actually we had a double zechus, because we were fortunate to visit her on two separate occasions, as we did last year.

Her house had just been redecorated. It was very nice and bright. Our Rebbetzin also looked very nice and bright; she seemed much younger than last year. She oozes charm and graciousness. To quote an expression often used by the Rebbetzin herself, which translates as exceptional, “umberuffen.” We feel proud and privileged to again be in her company.

She inquired about our children and grandchildren, especially regarding Susan, for whom we delivered another letter to the Rebbetzin. In her letters, Susan describes the daily and intimate happenings which occur at home in Manchester.

We spent a very pleasant couple of hours together. I read out excerpts from last year’s diary, my Israel diary and parts of this Shavuos trip’s diaries, which I am writing now (I had brief notes.)

The Rebbetzin praised my work (it was not just politeness, she is obviously a real lady,) and remarked that I had talent and a gift for writing. She recommended that I have all my diaries printed in one volume. (Rabbi Chodakov, Rabbi Groner and quite a number of others have also requested – nay demanded – that I do this.)

On our second visit with the Rebbetzin, time simply fled. The two hours seemed like thirty minutes and it was time for mincha.

I told the Rebbetzin that the Rebbe had written to me last year that although he had discontinued the custom of chassidim joining him for the Yom Tov meals, “It’s a real pleasure to see you at the davening and farbrengen.”

If the Rebbe has pleasure in seeing me at the davening, then I had better make quick steps to be at the Rebbe’s mincha at 770. The Rebbetzin agreed and confirmed that the Rebbe does enjoy seeing me and everyone at the davening. Although it did seem that the Rebbe does not notice anyone, the Rebbetzin assured me that he saw everybody and it made him very happy indeed. It gave him much fargenigen (pleasure).