Once again, we were privileged and honored to be received by our Rebbetzin. She was marvelous. She told me that Hindy and her children were also welcome. We arranged that Roselyn and I would arrive first, alone, and that Hindy and the children would come a little later. We knew from experience that, even at the Rebbetzin’s home, small children soon become fidgety, mischievous and difficult to control.

We spent a glorious two hours with the Rebbetzin. She is a most attentive and rapt listener. If she had enjoyed herself that afternoon only half as much as we did, then she had a wonderful time.

After two hours, Hindy and company arrived. The children partook of fruit juices and cake and – of course – they all visited the “smallest room” in the house. Soon they became fidgety, mischievous and difficult to control, so after ten minutes we all quickly took our leave.

The Rebbetzin asked that Roselyn and I call to see her again, which we did, and we had another wonderful encounter with the Rebbetzin.