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A Brief Biblical History

From Our People: A History of the Jews

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Jacob's Love for Joseph, Joseph Dreams, Joseph Sold, Jacob Mourns the Loss of Joseph
In The Service of Potiphar, Joseph Falsely Accused, Joseph Thrown Into Prison, Joseph, the Interpreter of Dreams
Pharaoh’s Dreams, Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dreams, Joseph Receives Great Honors, Joseph in Office
Joseph Prepares For His Brothers’ Arrival, The Harsh Reception, The Changed Brothers
Judah Vouches For Benjamin, A Friendlier Reception
Joseph Tests His Brothers, Judah Pleads For Benjamin, Joseph Himself: Reveals
Return of the Brothers, On The Way to Egypt, Jacob Meets Joseph, Jacob Visits Pharaoh, Jacob’s Last Request, Jacob Blesses Joseph’s Children, Jacob’s Death, Jacob’s Burial, Esau’s Death, Joseph’s Pledge to His Brothers, Joseph’s Death
Moses Flees Egypt, Moses in Midian
Blood, Frogs, Bugs, Wild Animals, Pestilence, Boils, Hail, Locust, Darkness, The Passover Sacrifice, Death of the First-Born
The Children of Israel leasve Egypt
In Hot Pursuit, The Miracle of the Red Sea, The End of the Egyptian Army, Israel's Song of Praise
Moses Sweetens Bitter Water, Meat and Bread in the Desert, Water from a Rock
The Defeat of Amalek
Jethro's Visit, Courts of Justice
The Preparations, The Revelation on Sinai, The Ten Commandments, Moses Receives the Torah
Rebellion, Aaron Plays for Time, Moses Return:, Punishment of the Guilty, Atonement, Second Tablets, G-D Forgives the People

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