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The Early Acharonim (1500s)

The Spanish Expulsion marks the approximate beginning of the age of the Acharonim, or later Torah scholars.

Great Torah centers, most notably in Eretz Israel, Turkey, and Poland, arose to replace the destruction of the Spanish communities.
David HaReuveni. Shlomo Molcho. Donna Gracia Mendes and Don Joseph Nasi. The advent of the printing press, censorship and false messiahs.
The Protestant reformation and the first ghettoes.
Jewish life in Poland. Rabbi Moshe Isserless. The Maharsha. Rabbi Shlomo Luria. Rabbi Joel Sirkes and Rabbi Meir of Lublin. Va'ad Arba Aratzos. Jewish economic activity. The shtetl. The Maharal of Prague. Other Torah centers.

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