Greek Pasta Salad
Quick & easy, and lasts in the fridge for almost a week. Take it for lunch? Serve it on Shavuot? You decide! Step-by-step pictures with clear concise instructions.
Macaroni Cheddar Salad
This is a great picnic salad. Add tuna, sliced hard boiled eggs or chunks of different cheeses for a heartier version...
Goat Cheese Walnut Salad
Exotic yet easy dishes seem to be Aunt Tamara’s specialty. I’m grateful to her for introducing me to this marvelous salad. Goat cheese is so soft and creamy and has a distinctive flavor that is special in salads, sandwiches and even pizza...
Pasta Nicoise
A thoughtful cook will devise cool, colorful dishes that will lighten the spirit.
Baked Roasted Veggie Pasta
Greek Salad
Fresh & Healthy
Creamy 'n' Crunchy Pasta Salad
The ideal side dish for your next barbecue
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