Stand facing east. Take the lulav in your right hand and recite the blessing al netilat lulav.”  Take the etrog in your left hand. If it is the first day of Sukkot (or the first time you are observing the mitzvah this year, such as when the first day is Shabbat, and we begin this mitzvah on the following morning), recite the blessing Shehecheyanu.” Bring the etrog and lulav together. Wave them three times to and fro in each direction. Each time the four species are brought back, their lower tips should touch the chest (over the heart).

The first to the south

The second to the north

Third to the east

The fourth upward

The fifth downward

The sixth to the west; twice southwest

And once due west

How to Hold: The top of the etrog should be held next to the bottom of the lulav. When holding the etrog while making the movments and during Hosha’anot, its top should be covered with the fingers. When moving the lulav and etrog due west, the etrog should be uncovered.