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Stories of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

An Irish Kid with a Jewish Name
I used to be in the police escort that once a week escorted the Lubavitcher Rebbe to the Montefiore Cemetery, where the Rabbi’s father-in-law and predecessor is interred. One time, I stood by door of his car when he got out, and asked him: “Excuse me, Rabbi, do you only bless Jewish people or non-Jews too?”
Fans and Players
A Baseball Lesson from the Lubavitcher Rebbe
"How was the game?" asked the Rebbe. "By the sixth inning," the young fan confessed, "the Dodgers were losing nine-to-two. So we decided to leave"
The Blow
In the wee hours of a sleepless night, Eli thought of the Rebbe.
The Girl Who Had To Be Jewish
She lived in Balaclava, and from her youth had felt a strong attraction to Judaism. Whenever she heard stories of the Holocaust, she was deeply touched...
The Rebbe and Viktor Frankl
The Rebbe's Communiqué to the Founder of Logotherapy
Marguerite steeled herself and continued: "Dr. Frankl, the Lubavitcher Rebbe sent a message for you: Remain strong! Continue your work with complete resolve. Don't give up. Ultimately you will prevail."
I will forever attribute the first step of my restoration to sanity and self-respect to one man who, with unfathomable intuition and faith in humanity, made a selfless, precise therapeutic intervention in my spirit, and demanded neither my soul nor my bankbook as recompense . . .
Zahavah’s Friend
“I have a friend called Sarah,” said the woman on the other end of the line. “She’s pregnant and says she can’t afford another child, so she decided to have an abortion . . .”
The Rebbe's Reach
Two Stories
A Mexican rabbi visiting Teheran; a Jew in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
The Phoenix
Mrs. Lipchitz had been advised by Jewish leaders that the phoenix is a non-Jewish symbol. How could it be placed in Jerusalem, no less? I was standing near the door to the Rebbe's office that night, when he called for me and asked that I bring him the book of Job from his bookshelf.
The 3:00 am Audience
The young woman left the room, but the Rebbe immediately told me to call her back in, explaining: "I don't want her to think that we are discussing her behind her back..."
The Rebbe Said Thank You
The Rebbe's encounter with a group of disabled Israeli war heroes
The Rebbe Who Saved a Village
For a while, it seemed that all was lost... then came a leader's bold response to the crippling tragedy
Editor's note: In light of the recent tragedy which struck the Chabad-Lubavitch community, we find the following account, penned more than fifty years ago, particularly poignant--and most relevant
Rabbi Routs Robbers
There was Mr. Schwartz in the newspaper! It was a small picture of him standing with two large policemen, one scratching his head in wonder looking at the bullet holes in the ceiling of the grocery
Seeing the Blind
"What is it?" he snapped. In the Bronx, it's proper etiquette to snap when greeting someone. I noticed the loaf of rye bread sitting on the table, definitely not a traditional Seder food. I said, "The Rebbe sent me."
A Jew in Brooklyn
Rabbi Hodakov, the Rebbe’s secretary, was on the line. “The Rebbe says to tell the young woman that there is a Jew in Brooklyn who cannot sleep at night because she intends to marry a non-Jew.”