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On the Road

Road Rage
She's calm, with both hands firmly on the wheel. His free hand gesticulates wildly out the window, punctuating the expletives pouring from his mouth. He's fuming. She's oblivious. I'm tickled.
The Ticket
Am I entitled to act foolishly?
I had just pulled out of my parking spot and was fastening my seatbelt... What's next, fining consumers of heavy mayonnaise because of its high cholesterol content?
Driving Rules
Stay focused, but enjoy the scenery. Remember that you're not the only one on the road, and that there are blind-spots in your field of vision. Driving, like life, is a complicated endeavor with a few simple rules
Steering Into the Skid
It's the middle of another of our Canadian winters, and I find myself driving along our snow-covered streets just as a new layer of sleet begins to fall...