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Rabbi YY Kazen
Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Kazen, OBM, "father of the Jewish Internet"
I Was a Street Child in Ukraine
The true story of a girl who learned to believe in herself
Helen Thomas Told Me to Go Home
She was a journalist for 60 years, and I was a journalist for 60 seconds; I figured it was time we met.
A Powerful Player
Being able to focus on one goal is admirable; the ability to invest in two seemingly diametrically opposed goals at the same time is amazing.
Rockets to Roses
How Israeli artist Yaron Bob transforms weaponry into works of art
Coming Full Circle: Penina Taylor's Spiritual Journey
How an evangelical Christian leader came full circle and discovered the beauty of her Jewish roots.
Supporting families with special-needs children
“If you have a child with special needs, you experience similar things, whether it’s grief over losing the dream of having a ‘perfect child,’ or dealing with challenging school systems and difficult grandparents and communities that make them feel excluded,” said Dr. Jeff Lichtman, the national director of Yachad...
Being Jewish in Belarus
I remember coming home crying to my parents, saying, ‘We eat the same foods, watch the same things, why do they hate us just because we’re Jewish?’ They couldn’t answer me.”
Hospitality on Mt. Meron
Nonstop nourishment for body and soul
Hannah, together with her children as they grew up, was there serving the visitors every single Shabbat, every festival and other important dates in the calendar which brought hundreds, and later thousands, of visitors to Rebbe Shimon’s tomb. She continued her devoted work right until her death four years ago . . .
Travels Through Time, Space and Beyond
The Scientist and the Rebbe
The Rebbe thought deeply for a few minutes and said, “Keep looking. To sit here, and not look, and say there is nothing out there, is placing a limit on G‑d’s creation. That you can’t do!” . . .
Re-Locating the Lost Holocaust Torah Scroll
A beautiful true tale of how the meandering path of a Torah scroll—and an act of kindness—comes full circle.
Why Did I Attend a Dinner with 4,500 Rabbis?
Just three years ago I thought Chabad was trying to “reel me in” to a hardcore religious lifestyle. That’s what they do, right? But no matter how many times I spent Shabbat dinner with them, I never felt pressured to do anything...
Are You Happy?
Tips from the month of Adar
Happiness is one of the most sought-after and elusive goals. Everyone wants to have it, but not everyone knows how to find it easily. Why is it so difficult to find? Perhaps because we look for it in the wrong place . . .
The Power of Imagination
A Kabbalistic understanding
“Lights . . . Camera . . . Action!” As the viewer sits mesmerized, his eyes glued to the screen, he is transferred from the reality of his own gray...
Just One Life
With a new baby on the way, how would they survive? An abortion was inconsistent with their traditional values, but they felt there was nothing else they could do. They feared for their future...
Noam's Choice
A Life of Giving
Noam was hailed a hero by students and rabbis at the yeshiva for his actions. Had he not locked that connecting door during his final moments, many more people would have been killed that night. After Noam's death, his family discovered a trove of poems in his desk...
Tunisia’s Russian Jewish Leader
This Russian-born, wandering Jewess went from one end of the Soviet Union to another, from Asia to Western Europe, and finally to the not-so-welcoming arms of North Africa. Now in her eighties, Mrs. Pinson is still very much spry, effusive, and well-dressed in clothing with European flair...
An Ounce of Prevention
Dor Yesharim--Working to Obliterate Jewish Genetic Disorders
After having several healthy children, they discovered that they were a carrier couple when their beloved son Mendel showed signs of Tay-Sachs in his infancy. He died after four years marked by hospitalization and suffering...