Time, too, has its weather.

There are seasons when the weather hangs in one mode, and nothing new knocks on your door for weeks.

And there are times when nothing will rest in its place for a moment; sun, clouds and wind seem locked in battle; and a torrent of demands pounds relentlessly upon your head.

There is a mechanism behind these seasons of life: Above, the energy of life throbs in continual metamorphosis as the portals of heaven expand and contract.

So that at times the energy of life is metered out in rhythmic doses, precisely according to what the world can contain. And at other times those portals open wide, so wide the soul is overwhelmed with sudden light. In our world, life overflows.

There is only one thing to remember: Do not fear the rush of light. Just as He adjusts the flow of light, so He empowers His creatures to receive.

When the rivers of life overflow, so too your powers to traverse them.