Prayer is the vessel for the Light that irradiates from practical Divine service, in the same way that the brain is the instrument for intellect and the heart for emotion. This means that in order for any concept, comprehension, or emotional inspiration to illumine one's daily life-by way of proper conduct and fine moral attributes-prayer is the indispensable prerequisite.

Since prayer is the vehicle for serving G‑d in deed, it follows that prayer includes various categories and entails differing methods. For this reason prayer is described by different terms, such as offering, ladder, etc. All these terms, in their original Hebrew, describe prayer as an approach to G‑d and a union with Him. This union itself has various stages.

The daily prayers vary according to the day itself. There are different prayers for weekdays, Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh, festivals, High Holy Days, days commemorating miracles, etc. Each of these prayers is in a category of its own. Just as prayers vary with the occasion, so do they vary with the individual worshipper. Though the prayer text for any given day is the same for everyone, the mode of prayer and intensity of devotion will vary with the individual.

Despite all the variations, however, prayer is indispensable and basic to all religious activity and Divine service.