Many erroneously assume that since they are desirous of approaching G‑d through Chasidus, and have committed no definite transgressions, hence, by accepting and following Chasidic practices, they have already penetrated the inner sanctum of Holiness. This is a total, most serious mistake. True, One hour of repentance and good deeds is . . . desirable . . . . 1 The meaning of sha'ah is also turn, as we find in Rashi's comment on lo sha'ah in Genesis 4:5. Through repentance and good deeds with but one turn a person is out of the darkness. Still, he is not yet cleansed of previously acquired impurities.

Hence, at the outset one must cleanse his intellect, emotions and soul-garbs, bathing himself with hot and cold water-the tears of a repentant heart, and the perspiration of exertion in the performance of mitzvot. Tears and perspiration have common physical qualities, and both may be either hot or cold, but they differ in purpose and effect. This is discussed at length in Chasidic literature.