Though characteristically distinct, these three nuclei have a definite relationship, wherein the higher includes within itself the lower. In the relation of Force to Light, Light includes Force, and both are in turn included within Vitality. It must be understood that Force and Light, as they are included in Vitality, do not retain their original characters, as when they exist independently. In its inclusion within Light, Force assumes Light-qualities; and both Force and Light when included in Vitality, acquire Life-qualities.

Hence, in the three schools the respective qualities, their nuclei, of Force, Light, and Vitality, are qualitatively higher when they appear in subordinate states, i.e., as part of the higher nucleus, than they are when they appear in their independent, pristine states. In other words, Musar as a consequence of Chakira, and both Musar and Chakira as consequences of Chasidus, are radically different from Musar and Chakira per se.

A higher wisdom can be attained only by progressive ascent from the lower stages. In our case, one must begin with Musar-of-Chasidus, or the Light element of Vitality. Finally one reaches Vitality itself, the essence of Chasidus.