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We are trees, nurtured by our roots—our ancient mothers and fathers.
Truth can never be old-fashioned. It was never in fashion to begin with.
When you learn truth, your heart resonates. Because truth is engraved in your heart.
Meaningful lives are built upon firm convictions.
Our differences are as valuable to our Creator as our similarities.
Differences are the thing we have most in common.
Soften your mind’s soil, plough its furrows. Open it to the wisdom that rains down from the heavens.
As the universe is not defined by our understanding, so ethics cannot be fixed by our
There is nothing that does not have its truth. Without a spark of truth, it cannot exist.
Truth is alive. To know it, you must live with it, be humbled before it, feel its life and spirit.
If they tell you this wisdom is off bounds, thirst for it.
You are not alone. In all you do, generations
Dance in the joy of a mitzvah, and you will hear your holy mothers and fathers of ages past, dancing and singing along.
In each one of us glows a spark of Moses.