It would be extremely beneficial if the spiritual leaders were to devote special articles in books and periodicals, to teach those who desire to return to the right path, which, as stated, lies in the fulfillment of the practical precepts, observing and practicing them with simplicityl.

Thus the main task of Jewish scholars and Rabbis everywhere is to bring about the realization that the essential aspect of Judaism is observance of the practical precepts.

One of the things that offer spiritual pleasure and delight is the sight of a beautiful painting. We all know that the most talented artist is the one who can ably express a simple, natural scene such as a corn-field playing in the breeze, or the sight of sea-waves, or the setting of the sun and rising of the moon upon a wide landscape crossed by a stream. In all such scenes the Creator implanted a simple, natural beauty and a wonderful splendor.

So it is also with regard to the worship of G‑d. Sincere worship, by observing the precepts with simplicity, is dearer than all the worthiest cultures and ideologies.