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Audio Lectures on Circumcision

The Eighth Day Covenant
What is unique about circumcision that G-d commanded it be performed on the eighth day following birth? Should we not wait for the child to decide at his own will to be circumcised? Explore the dynamics of Brit Milah – the law of circumcision.
Kabbalah on Circumcision
A piercing look into the “brit,” our oldest observance!
This powerful lecture will lay bare some incredible Kabbalah insights, and give you a sharp new perspective on this fundamental and well-known mitzvah that seems to be so shrouded in mystery!
The Laws of Birth & Brit Milah
The laws and customs associated with birth, the mitzvah of circumcision and redeeming the firstborn.
The Mitzvah of Brit Milah
Audio | 51:55
The Mitzvah of Brit Milah
This class expounds on the greatness and specialty of the mitzvah of Bris Milah - circumcision.
Circumcision is the first commandment given by G-d to Abraham, the first Jew, and is central to Judaism.
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