This, too, is an important principle:

When you think of performing a mitzvah, do not refrain from doing it for [fear of a sense of] pride or whatever ulterior motive related to it. For, as known, “Out of [acting] shelo lishmah (not for its own sake) [one comes (to act) lishmah (for its own sake)].” (Pesachim 50b) 1 The very act of a good deed already effects on high a good vessel, and the inwardness of the vessel is produced by the intent. 2

First of all must be the [good; proper] choice. 3 After this choice you must see to it that “your mouth and heart harmonize” 4 to believe with absolute faith, without any ulterior thought, that “the whole earth is full of His glory” (Isaiah 6:3) and that everything is possessed of His vital force, blessed be He. 5 Thus every form of love, fear and all the other attributes-even the bad things in the world 6-all come from Him, blessed be He. Thus you are not permitted to love, fear, glorify, or make prevail 7 anything beyond Him, blessed be He; and likewise with all the other attributes.

Whenever you are afraid of something, or love it, you ought to consider: “Whence is this present fear or love? After all, everything derives from Him, blessed be He, who put the [aspects of] fear and love even in bad things, such as wild beasts. For at the time of the ‘breaking [of the vessels]’ 8 something fell from all the attributes. The fear, therefore, is from Him, blessed be He. Why, then, should I be afraid of a single spark of His which is [vested] in that bad thing? It is better to attach myself to the ‘great fear’! The same applies to love, and so, too, with all the attributes, to extract the spark [of holiness] from there and raise it to its root. 9 For this is the ultimate desire of our soul, to raise [the fallings of] the ‘breaking [of the vessels]’ 10 to their source.” 11

The same applies to your speech: do not think that it is you who speaks. Rather, it is the vital force within you, which derives from the Creator, blessed is He, that speaks through you and raises the speech to its source. 12 This [attitude] compounds also the [notion of] equanimity, 13 because the faculty of speech is the same in another as it is with you, for all derives from Him, blessed be He. 14

Likewise when eating, your intent should be to extract the vitality [from the food] to elevate it to Above through the service of the Creator, blessed be He. And so, too, with everything else. 15 Your intent in everything should be to effect that you attach yourself to Above. 16