“The Torah is concerned about the money of Israel.” (Yoma 39a) Why so?

It is an important principle that when you wear, eat, or make use of anything, you derive benefit from the vital force inherent in that object. 1 The object could not exist without that spiritual component, and it contains holy “sparks” (nitzotzot) 2 that relate to the very root of your soul. I heard that this is the reason why a particular thing is loved by some people and disliked by others who love something else. 3

When using some thing or eating food, therefore, even if you did so for your bodily needs, 4 you rectify those “sparks.” They are rectified by virtue of you using the strength added to your body by the garment, food or other things, to serve God. Thus it may happen that when you complete the rectification of all those “sparks” in that object which relate to the root of your soul, God takes it away from you and gives it to someone else because its remaining “sparks” relate to that other person. 5

R. Israel Baal Shem, peace be upon him, thus said: [when] people eat and sit with others and use others, it means that they are dealing with the “sparks” in those things. A person, therefore, must be concerned about his objects and everything he has, because of the “sparks” they contain, i.e., to show concern for the holy “sparks.” 6