“No other prophet like Moses has arisen in Israel...”

-Berachah 34:10

Of Moshiach it is said, “My servant shall be wise, lofty and exalted, and very elevated” (Isaiah 52:13). The Midrash interprets: “ ‘Lofty’ beyond Abraham; ‘Exalted’ beyond Moses; ‘Elevated’ beyond the ministering angels.”

Offhand this would seem to present a difficulty as the Torah states explicitly that “No other prophet like Moses has arisen in Israel.” In this context, however, Maimonides describes Moshiach as “wiser than Solomon and a great prophet close to the level of Moses.”

The apparent contradiction is resolved by noting that prophecy is only one (albeit the greatest) of the qualities of Moses. He had other qualities as well, such as that of royalty (in which King Solomon exceeded Moses); soul-level; teaching of Torah; and so forth. It is in these latter qualities-not in prophecy-that Moshiach excels Moses. Moshiach will teach new insights (the “inner” or esoteric dimension) of the Torah to the whole nation, including the patriarchs and Moses.