“You will return unto G‑d... and G‑d, your G‑d, will bring back your captivity.”

-Nitzavim 30:2-3

Rashi comments: The return of the captivity will be “as though G‑d Himself seizes with His hands every single individual from his place, as it is said, ‘you will be gathered up one by one, O Children of Israel’” (Isaiah 27:12).

As the redemption will be brought about by teshuvah-repentance (“you will return unto G‑d”), it follows that just as the redemption itself will be for “every single individual... one by one,” so, too, every single one shall return unto G‑d.

Thus it is stated explicitly in the next verse of Isaiah’s prophecy: “On that day, a great shofar will be blown, and those who are lost in the land of Assyria and those who are cast away in the land of Egypt shall come, and they will bow down before G‑d on the holy mountain in Jerusalem” (Isaiah 27:13). In other words, even those who are so deeply immersed in the galut that they became “lost” and “cast away,” they, too, will be awakened by teshuvah.