Sifra (Shemini) states: “Remove the yetzer hara from your heart . . . As [God] is singular in the world, so, too, your service must be singularly [devoted] to Him.”

This is an important principle. Man must always have but a singular thought in the service of the Creator, blessed be He. 1 Thus it is written, “God made it that they will fear Him” (Ecclesiastes 3:24) and “[God has made man upright,] but they sought out manifold contrivances” (ibid. 7:29); that is, your manifold thoughts cause you to be confused. 2

Have in mind that everything in the world is filled with the Creator, blessed be He. Everything that comes about through the thoughts of man with various devices, even the most trivial thing happening in the world, it is all by His providence, blessed be He. 3 Thus it should make no difference to you whether your aim was achieved as you wished or not. As everything comes from the Creator, you know that it is best for you when things did not happen as you wished. 4

Bear in mind that everything, whether it be the World of the Spheres, the World of the Angels or the World of the Throne, 5 all is as naught before Him, blessed be He. For all are within the vacated space of His constricted light, of His Self-contraction, 6 and everything came into being by means of a single utterance. 7 Why, then, should you be drawn after anything desirable in those worlds when all is but a single utterance of [God]? It is better to attach yourself beyond the worlds, to that which is primary, i.e., to the Creator, blessed be He, than becoming attached to something that is subordinate. 8

This is what the Zohar (II:134b) means by stating: “happy are the righteous who know to fix their will upon the Supernal King, and not upon this world and its vain desires;” for all the worlds are destined to destruction. 9

Thus always bear in mind to attach yourself to the Creator, blessed be He, with a complete love that is greater than that for anything else in the world; for every good thing in this world is rooted in Him, blessed be He. Think [to yourself]: “I always wish to bring gratification unto [God], and to serve Him constantly.” Your thought should always be attached to the Supernal World, to [God]. 10 This is alluded in the meaning of the verse, “he shall not leave the Sanctuary.” (Leviticus 21:12) 11

When you have to speak at length about mundane matters, think to yourself that you are descending from the Supernal World to below. Be as one who leaves his house for the outside with the intent to return right away, thinking throughout his departure “when can I return home?” 12 So, too, even when you speak of mundane matters, always think of the Supernal World, for there is your primary abode with the Creator, blessed be He, 13 and immediately restore your thought to the original attachment. David thus said to his son Solomon: “I am going the way of all the earth,” (I Kings 2:2) i.e., like a person on a journey with his mind and desire set to return home with the greatest haste. 14