Eikev, the name of the parshah, is also the term that describes ikveta de’Meshicha, the period right before the coming of Moshiach. Our sages foretold that in this period, “each day’s curse will be worse than that of the preceding day.”

Why would they tell us so somber a prophecy? What good could come from it?

If we had not been foretold about this situation, the Jewish people might have become dispirited and lost hope. The Torah thus informed us that the final stage of the galut will be terribly perplexing and frustrating, in order that we take heart, keep faith, and strengthen our service of G‑d with greater effort in the full knowledge and conviction that the redemption is about to happen!

We are also foretold that in ikveta de’Meshicha impudence (chutzpah) will increase. This trait of chutzpah can and should be utilized in a positive way: persistently asking and demanding of G‑d that Moshiach should appear and redeem us. There is no doubt that G‑d is pleased with this kind of “impudent” demand and will respond to it accordingly. 1