“One should not rise to pray but with koved rosh (lit., “heaviness of the head;” humility).” (Berachot 30b)

This means: do not pray for that which you lack, 1 for then your prayer will not be acceptable. 2 If you wish to pray, do so for the sake of the “heaviness in the Head.” For whatever you lack, that same deficiency is in the Shechinah, [as it were]. 3 For man is a “part of God from on high.” 4 Any deficiency in a part, therefore, applies to the Whole as well, and the Whole senses the deficiency of the part. 5

Your prayer, therefore, should be for the deficiency in the Whole. 6 This is the meaning of “but mitoch koved rosh (because of the ‘heaviness in the Head’).”