There is “a flaming sword that revolves to guard the path to the Tree of Life.” (Genesis 3:24)

When a person wishes to attach his thoughts to the supernal worlds, to the Creator, blessed be He, the kelipot (“husks;” forces of evil) will not let him. Nonetheless, in spite of the obstacle, you must force yourself with all your strength many times in one and the same prayer and attach yourself to the Creator, blessed be His Name. Thus you will enter the supernal worlds. 1

Strengthen yourself in believing, with perfect faith, that “the whole earth is full of His glory” (Isaiah 6:3) 2-and this is when you are in the Supernal World. Thus it is written, “The righteous lives by his faith.” (Habakuk 2:4) 3

Even if you may have fallen from your level in that prayer, recite the words with lesser kavanah (concentration) to the best of your ability, and then strengthen yourself to return to your level. Do so even if this may happen several times with that same level. At first say the “body” of the word, and then invest it with its soul. 4

At first you must bestir yourself with your body, with all your strength, in order that the power of the soul shine forth in you. 5 Thus it is said in the Zohar (III:166b and 168a) that a wooden beam that will not burn should be splintered and it will become aflame. Afterward you will be able to worship with the mind alone, without any movements of the body. 6