When desirous to perform a mitzvah, make every effort to do so. Do not allow the yetzer hara to dissuade you by saying that to do so may lead you to pride. You make sure to do it anyway. 1

Nonetheless, be very careful: if a sense of pride arises in you in the midst of fulfilling [the mitzvah], push it away with vigor and enthusiasm. 2 No doubt but that ultimately you will act literally lishmah (for [the mitzvahs] own sake) without any sense of pride, for “out of shelo lishmah (doing it “not for its own sake”) comes lishmah (doing “for its own sake”).(Pesachim 50b)

Do as many Mitzvot as you can, and the Holy One, blessed is He, will help you to act without ulterior motives. 3 You must, though, strengthen yourself to the best of your ability. 4