When tempted to commit a sin, [Heaven forbid,] recite the [Biblical] verses pertaining to that sin. [Recite them] with their intonations and punctuation, with fear and love [of God], and [the temptation] will leave you. 1

When tempted by an evil trait, Heaven forbid, recite with all might, with fear and love [of God], [the names of] the six nations-the Canaanite etc. 2 Thus it will depart from you.

Connect that trait unto the Holy One, blessed be He. For example, if tempted by sinful love, Heaven forbid, channel all your love to God alone and concentrate all your efforts in that direction. When [tempted] by anger, which is an expression of sinful “fear” and derives from the attribute of gevurah, overpower your yetzer [hara] and transform that trait into a chariot for God. 3

When you hear someone preach with fear and love [of God], attach yourself strongly to his words to become united with the preacher. His words will then become thoughts in your mind and [the sinful thought] will leave you. 4