When beset by mundane desires, remove them from your mind. Scorn the desire to the point of it becoming hated and despised by you. 1 Incite the yetzer tov against the yetzer hara and your desire, and thus you will subdue them. 2

Do not be depressed at all from not having mundane desires. On the contrary, rejoice exceedingly for meriting to subdue your passion for the sake of the Creator’s glory, may He be blessed. Our sages said of this, “rejoicing in the suffering” (Shabbat 88b).

When you are not drawn after your desire, even in thought, and scorn it, you subdue the kelipot3 very much, as it is said in the Zohar (I:100b): “‘A pure heart’ (Psalms 24:4) is the one that will not let his will and heart be drawn after the sitra achara.” 4