Attach your thought to Above. 1 Do not eat or drink excessively, but only to the extent of maintaining your health. 2 Never look intently at mundane matters, nor pay any attention to them, so that you may be separated from the physical. Intent viewing of the mundane brings crudity upon oneself. Our sages, of blessed memory, thus said that “sight leads to remembering and to desire;” 3 and it is written of the Tree of Knowledge that it is “desirable to the sight and good for eating” (Genesis 2:9), i.e., the sight of it made it desirable.

Think that you belong to the Supernal World and all the people dwelling in this world should not be important to you. For the whole of this world is but like a granule in relation to the Supernal World. Be indifferent to others loving you or hating you, for their love or hatred means nothing. Likewise, do not pay any attention to the desires of your filthy body which is a “leprous thing from the skin of the snake.” 4