Testament 1 of R. Israel Baal Shem, peace be upon him -

Be complete in the worship [of God], blessed be He, [that it be] a “complete service.” 2

It is essential not to forget the matters [of Torah and Mitzvot]. 3

It is essential to study mussar 4 every day, whether much or little.

Strive continuously to cleave to good traits and upright practices.

Do not allow a single day to pass without performing a mitzvah, whether it be a “minor” or “major” mitzvah. 5 This is indicated in “Be zahir (careful; scrupulous) with a ‘minor’ mitzvah as with a ‘major’ one” (Avot 2:1). For [the word] zahir is an expression of “They that are wise yaz'hiru (shall shine) . . .” (Daniel 12:3). This implies that the soul will shine and glow from a “minor” mitzvah even as it does from a “major” one, for “The Merciful seeks the heart” (Zohar II:162b; Sanhedrin 106b). 6