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How old is the universe? Is psychoanalysis kosher? Why the big picture of the Rebbe in your living room? What does Judaism say about the aliens from outer space?

Why the Big Picture of the Rebbe in Your Home?
I don’t mean to be rude, but is this type of reverence for a human being appropriate?
Is There Life on Other Planets?
The Jewish view on UFOs, aliens and extraterrestrial intelligence
What does Judaism say about the Discovery of Aliens?
Would the discovery of ETs (extra-terrestrials) threaten organized religion?
Selfish Desires and Sinful Thoughts
Where is the meat?
You are one of the luckiest people around. Selfish desires or sinful thoughts? That's fantastic!
The Land of Milk and Honey
Our dream to move to Israel is finally becoming reality. We are making aliyah next month. I know it will be challenging. Any advice?
Should I Go?
I just received an invitation from my friend to her son's Bar Mitzvah. Unfortunately, a few years ago, we had a bad fall out. Should I go?
Am I Always too Busy?
My partner tells me I should spend more time chilling out, relaxing, and just enjoying life. And that I should do things purely for entertainment value.
When Do I Help Her Grow in Her Observance?
When I try to approach my friend or encourage her to do more, she gets hyper-sensitive and tells me that I am pushing her...
Lost Tribe in New Guinea?
Did you see the video of the tribe in Papua New Guinea singing the Shema Prayer in Hebrew? I found it fascinating!
Will the World End in 2012?
I don’t know what will happen in 2012 but I do know that the world will not end.
Why Do I Need to Learn to Read Hebrew?
I’m studying for my Bar Mitzvah and really need some motivation for learning to read Hebrew. I'd rather stick to English...why should I bother reading Hebrew? Besides, I don't really understand it.
Does Everything Have To Make Sense?
And if they don't, how are we supposed to know what to do?
If everything does have to make sense, what’s the criteria for making sense? And if some things don’t have to make sense, how’s human being supposed to know what’s right and what’s wrong?
Is Beauty Truth?
If something is beautiful, is it true? Is a beautiful symphony as true as a scientific fact?
If something is beautiful, is it true? Is a beautiful symphony as true as a scientific fact?
Why Do I Need a Spiritual Mentor?
Each and every one of us needs a spiritual teacher and mentor to help us maximize our soul’s potential in divine service...
Rabbi, Help, I Am Having Nightmares
How to get rid of bad dreams in Judaism
I have been having nightmares for years, sometimes in batches several days together, about myself, various friends and relatives. They are never true, yet they have greatly tortured and complicated my life. They make me scared, and many times have paralyzed me to inaction.
How Do We Know When Moses Died?
Understand the Talmudic reasoning behind the date - Adar 7.
Is This Month Cheshvan or Marcheshvan?
Some call it “Cheshvan” and others say “Marcheshvan.” To complicate matters, on your own site, you have it both ways.
Etz Chayim: The Tree of Life in the Bible and Beyond
The Tree of Life first appears in the Bible in the story of Adam and Eve when they were in the Garden of Eden.