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Marriage & Family

Why have children? What's the Jewish view on arranged marriages? Why does a bride wear a veil?

Am I Cursed Because I Don't have Children?
I would have loved more than anything to pass on a Jewish/Torah legacy to children and grandchildren. I have been told that because I am barren that I am somehow cursed by G‑d. Am I cursed?
All You Need is Love and a Model Airplane
My friends say the main thing is that you are in love, and everything else will fall into place. Should I believe them?
Is It Racist to Want a Jewish Spouse?
If insisting that you will only date Jews makes you racist, does insisting that you will only date men make you sexist?
What is the Jewish View of Divorce?
Divorce is a tragedy, but sometimes it's the right thing to do
If souls are united under the Chuppah, can they then split apart? Is divorce ever advisable?
Arranged Marriages?
Is it true that traditionally, Jewish marriages were arranged marriages? I’ve also heard that this is still the practice amongst the more religious Jews . . .
What's a Shadchan (Matchmaker)?
Is there truth to the rumor that if you do 3 successful shidduchs (i.e. match three people with their future spouse) you go to the highest level of heaven?
What is the Significance of the Chupah?
When two people unite for a common higher cause, then they transcend the differences between them and become one...
Why Does a Jewish Bride Wear a Veil on Her Face?
The Mishnah (completed in the second century) records the custom of some Jewish brides to wear a veil.
You're Madly in Love
In two months she's getting married. What should I do? I am still convinced that she is the only one in the world for me
Is he the right guy for me?
I am in a serious relationship with a great guy. We have been together for a while now and I have very strong feelings for him. He is ready to get married, and is getting a bit impatient with me.
The Ethics of Double Dating
I am happy in my relationship, and things are getting quite serious. But there is one nagging doubt at the back of my mind. I have nothing to compare her to, because I have never been in this type of relationship before. I feel that perhaps, before I commit, I should see some other girls . . .
I'm Falling in Love with a Married Man
I am having a problem with a friend of mine. There seems to be an attraction between us that I don't want there. I love my fiancé and don't want to be distracted or hurt our relationship.
Why Do I Keep Falling in Love with Non-Jewish Girls?
It seems that the more determined I am to marry a Jew, the more fantastic non-Jewish girls walk into my life. Maybe G-d is trying to tell me something?
Can a Rabbi Get Married?
The taxi driver shook his head and said, “You Jews have got it good. In my community, when someone is dating and confused, or is going through a rough patch in his marriage, who should we turn to?”
Honor My Mother?!
I am disgusted by the things my mother has done. She is old now and needs me, but there is nothing in her life that deserves respect. How can I respect her without losing my dignity?
Why Do We Honor Our Parents?
With Father's Day approaching as a Rabbi I am frequently asked, "Do you observe the holidays of Thanksgiving, Mother's Day and Father's Day?"
My Mother Is Ruining My Life!
She wanted to choose where I went to college, what I studied, whom I married—and continues to disagree with everything that I do. I should do as she says: that, basically, is her philosophy.
Can a Pet be
I am giving up on humans. Why can't I find a man as loyal as my dog?
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
The situations arising today in the realm of conception have no medical precedence, and yet the centuries old Torah has much to say about the spiritual ramifications of these procedures
Single and Childless
As a childless, single, middle-aged, totally non-observant woman, am I considered a failure as a Jew? Is there any other spiritual role for a woman other than wife or mother? Will I end my life as a genetic dud?
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