“All the women, whose heart inspired them with wisdom, spun the goats’ hair.”

-Vayak’hel 35:26

Rashi comments on this verse: “This action required extra-ordinary skill, for they spun the hair from off the backs of the goats.”

The women had not been instructed to do so. They did so on their own, by their own inspiration. They realized that if they were blessed by G‑d with this unique ability, they should use it for the service of G‑d, for the building of the Sanctuary.

This teaches us the following:

When the Almighty grants anyone special talents and abilities, he or she is to use them for the service of G‑d. Each one must use his or her talents and aptitudes to help achieve the ultimate purpose and transform this world into a sanctuary, a fitting abode for G‑dliness.