Vega’alti (I shall redeem) you. . .”

-Va’eira 6:6

The basic and universal term for Israel’s redemption from the galut is ge’ulah.

A closer look at this word leads to a remarkable observation: the term ge’ulah has the same letters as golah (galut), with the addition of the letter aleph. Our sages teach us that the letter aleph alludes to “Alufo (the Master of) the Universe.”

The significance of this is as follows:

Our service of G‑d in the galut is to insert (i.e., to manifest the inherent presence of) the Aleph (the “Master of the Universe”) in galut. This will then transform golah (galut) to ge’ulah (redemption)!

The fact that the term ge’ulah contains and retains the term golah teaches us the meaning of ge’ulah. The Messianic redemption does not imply a negation or annulment of the natural order, of the present reality of galut. On the contrary: ge’ulah means an elevation and sublimation of golah by redeeming all aspects of the galut and transforming it itself into ge’ulah.

When the inherent and pervasive presence of the Aleph (the “Master of the Universe”) is revealed and manifested, this will remove all the concealing obstacles of the galut which screen and cover its true reality and intent. There will be a revelation of Divinity within the world and in all mundane categories, to the point that “Everything that has been made will know that You have made it... and every besouled being will declare that G‑d, the G‑d of Israel, is King, and that His Kingship rules over all” (Liturgy of Rosh Hashanah). Golah is transformed into ge’ulah!