“They cried out because of their slavery, and their plea went up before G‑d. G‑d heard their groaning, and G‑d remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”

-Shemot 2:23-25

“. . . the cry of the children of Israel is come to Me. . . Now go, I am sending you unto Pharaoh, and bring My people, the children of Israel, out of Egypt.”

-Shemot 3:9-10

The Israelites were unable to endure the harsh galut of Egypt and cried out unto G‑d to redeem them from it. Indeed, G‑d heard their cry and sent Moses to save them. Likewise with our present galut:

When we cry out, “Take us out of the galut and bring about the redemption,” the Almighty will surely hear our cry and redeem us. Moreover, our mere being in a state of readiness to call upon G‑d is already enough for Him to respond, as it is written, “Before they call, I shall answer, and while they yet speak I shall hear” (Isaiah 65:24).