“. . . fear not to go down to Egypt . . . I will go down with you to Egypt, and I will also bring you up again.”

-Vayigash 46:3-4

Jacob was not sent to the galut on his own: the Almighty descended with him and guarded him there.

Our patriarch Jacob possessed an all-comprehensive soul which compounded the souls of all Jews. “Jacob” thus stands for every single Jew, and his descent to Egypt alludes to Israel’s descent into galut, including the present galut. Our sages thus said (Bereishit Rabba 16:4) that “all the kingdoms of the world are referred to as Mitzrayim (Egypt), because they metzirot (distress) Israel.” 1

From our parshah it follows then that even in our present galut we are not alone.

The Almighty is with us, as it is said, “Wherever they were exiled, the Shechinah (Divine Presence) is with them” (Megilah 29a). Moreover, “In all their affliction, He is afflicted” (Isaiah 63:9): He Himself suffers their affliction, as it were. Thus, just as Israel is unable to bear the affliction of the galut, so, too, as it were, with the Almighty. Surely, then, He shall hasten the redemption, for as we leave the galut so will He, as stated in our text, “I will also bring you up again.”