“Eikev (because) Abraham listened to My voice. . .”

-Toldot 26:5

The word eikev also means “heel.” The implication is that Abraham listened with his total being. The word of G‑d penetrated even the lowest and most material part of his body. When the service of G‑d penetrates a person’s totality, even his “heel,” one can be assured that he will have the fortitude to overcome whatever challenges lay before him.

This offers an important lesson and encouragement to our generation which is called ikveta deMeshichah, the generation that is the “heel” of Moshiach, i.e., the “heel” (lowest and last part) of the stature of all the generations preceding Moshiach.

Indeed, in relation to our predecessors, we are the “heel.” This may cause one to wonder why it is precisely our generation that shall merit the coming of Moshiach. However, it is precisely our service of G‑d, the very end in the process of preparing the world, that will complete the necessary steps to bring about the redemption.