Ten Portals to Higher Living

The Rebbe's 10-point mitzvah campaign

1. The Aluminum Can
Daily Charity
It's not how much, but how often.
2. Higher Bookshelves
A House Full of Jewish Books
A house is defined by what it contains.
A.k.a. The Divine Security System
4. Lighting Up
Shabbat Candles
Light up your home, and light up the world.
5. Soul Food
Going Kosher
How to make eating a divine experience.
Cables to connect you higher.
7. The Dip
The Mikvah
Because there's nothing more divine than making life.
8. Boost Up the Kids
Jewish Education
It's the best investment you can make.
9. Mind Expansion
Learning Torah
Sink your brain into something deep.
10. Connectivity
Love your fellow Jew
Because what could be more vital than community?
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