With our first breath is the demand for an attentive touch. Our infancy is a loom limited to only knowing need and it must be delivered by the gentle, caring touch of a human hand. Once self sufficient, our needs ever increase, and can only be achieved through our deliberate choices. A beautiful tapestry of our choices is defined by the positive and wondrous things that have touched us and taken us to limitless places that get woven into our lives.

A countless measure of life events determine how to find the touch needed and choosing to receive it. A kiss on the forehead, a soft embrace of comfort and safety, a hand placed on yours to always let you know you are not alone, a shoulder upon which rests your dreams. All the simplest, elementary pleasures and pains of childhood serve us for a lifetime and foreshadow the complexities we contrive. Boundaries are needed, but setting the protective walls too high means you won’t be able to see past them either.

Truly seeing what you have blinds dissatisfactionThe fibers of living are inevitably spun of truth and lies, generosity and greed, sharing and possessing, love and hate, joy and despair, dignity and shame, courage and fear, humility and ego, desire and denial, clarity and confusion. Choose fibers that are not spun of regret. Our experiences, observations, actions, and realizations can weave tapestries of giving and receiving.

Weave positive protections from harm. Patience allays misunderstanding. Listening grows trust. Reality defeats fantasy. Simplicity overrides illusion. Validation promotes success. Gratitude delivers satisfaction. Accountability defeats risk. Affirmation denies insult. Adventure conquers complacency. Reality binds expectation. Kindness lights darkness. Compassion battles fear. Courage earns admiration. Contentment supercedes passion. Respect yields reciprocation. Negativity breeds nothing.

Truly seeing what you have blinds dissatisfaction. Touching hearts connects souls.

Weave gently and with care so the flexibility for change always exists. This tapestry not only lasts your lifetime, but stays behind for others to continue.