This is truly revolutionary: G‑d is not found in purity and innocence alone. G‑d is found in the struggle itself, in the very act of wrestling with one’s basest instincts. That too is a moment to celebrate—perhaps the greatest moment to celebrate.

Suddenly, an Infinite G‑d becomes discoverable in the darkest caverns of life.

ואם יבא לו הרהור תאוות עוה״ז ירחיק ממחשבתו, ויבזה התאוה עד שיהיה שנאוי ומאום אצלו, וירגיז יצר הטוב על היצר הרע ותאוותו, ובזה יכניעם. ושלא יהיה לו עצבות כלל כשלא יהיה לו תאוות עוה״ז, אלא אדרבא, ישמח מאד במה שהוא זוכה להכניע תאותו לשם כבוד הבורא יתברך, כמ״ש חז״ל ושמחים ביסורים

Let’s say a fantasy comes to you, a craving for something of this world. Take your mind far away from it. Despise this craving until it is hateful and repugnant to you. Enrage your urge for good against the urge for bad and against this craving, and conquer it in that way.

But don’t allow that unfulfilled craving to make you depressed. On the contrary, celebrate that you are privileged to subdue your desires for the honor of the Creator, blessed be He!

This is one way to understand what our rabbis meant when they talked about “those who rejoice in their suffering.”

—Tzava’at Harivash 9