All the Baal Shem Tov’s teachings are one. They are neither a collection nor a synthesis, but a single jewel with countless facets. At their core lies an unspeakable essence that transcends all and yet pervades all—including the smallest details of life.

The Baal Shem Tov found a wholly transcendent G‑d in all things. He also knew no fear. He also rejoiced at all times.

All of these are one: Since the universe is nothing more than G‑dly light perpetually articulated in transient forms, then of what is there to fear? And if the Infinite is to be found within each of those articulations, at every time and in every place, speaking to you, being there with you, awaiting you to bond with Him, then every moment is a moment of infinite joy.

יחשוב שהבורא מלא כל הארץ כבודו, ושכינתו תמיד אצלו, והוא דק מן הדק, והוא אדון על כל מעשים שבעולם והוא יכול לעשות כל מה שאני אחפוץ, ולכך אינו יפה לו לבטוח רק בו יתברך. ויהיה תמיד בשמחה, ויחשוב ויאמין באמונה שלימה שהשכינה אצלו ושומרת אותו והוא מקושר בבורא ית׳ והבורא ית׳ מקושר בו בכל איבריו וכחותיו, והוא מסתכל על הבורא ית׳ והבורא ית׳ מסתכל בו, והבורא ית׳ יכול לעשות כל מה שהוא רוצה, אם הוא רוצה מחריב כל העולמות ברגע אחד ובורא אותם ברגע אחד, ובו יתברך מושרשים כל הטובות והדינים שיש בעולם, שבכל דבר יש שפעו וחיותו, ואין אני בוטח ומתירא רק ממנו ית׳.׳

Envision that the Creator, whose glory fills the earth, He and His presence are continually with you. This is the most subtle of all experiences.

Tell yourself, “He is the Master of all that occurs in the world. He can do anything I desire. And therefore, it makes no sense for me to put my confidence in anything else but Him, may He be blessed.”

Rejoice constantly. Ponder and believe with complete faith that the Divine Presence is with you and protecting you; that you are bound up with the Creator and the Creator is bound up with you, with your every limb and every faculty; that your focus is fixed on the Creator and the Creator’s focus is fixed upon you.

And the Creator could do whatever He wants. If He so desired, He could annihilate all the worlds in a single moment and recreate them all in a single moment. Within Him are rooted all goodness and all stern judgments in the world. For the current of His energy runs through each thing.

And you say, “As for me, I do not rely upon, nor do I fear, anyone or anything other than Him, blessed be He.”

—Tzava’at Harivash 137