After the passing of Rabbi DovBer of Mezeritch in 1772, Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Horodok led a group of chassidim to settle in the Holy Land.

One day, a somewhat deluded individual climbed the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem and sounded a shofar. Soon the rumor spread that Moshiach had arrived, setting off a great commotion in the street. Rabbi Mendel went to his window and sniffed the air. "No," he said, "unfortunately, the redeemer has not yet arrived. On that day, 'the world shall be filled with the knowledge of G‑d as the waters cover the sea' and 'all flesh will perceive'1the reality of the Creator. I do not sense the Divine truth that will permeate the world in the era of Moshiach."

Said the renowned mashpiah, Rabbi Grunem Estherman: "Why did Rabbi Mendel need to go to the window to smell for the presence of Moshiach? Because the all-pervading truth of G‑d was already a tangible reality within the walls of Rabbi Mendel's room."

Note: This Thursday—Iyar 1, on the Jewish Calendar—is the anniversary of Rabbi Menachem Mendel's passing in 1788