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The Rishonim

4800–5160 (1040–1400)

(Circa 4920-4998; 1160-1238)
(4940-5023; 1180-1263)
(circa 4010-5058; 1250-1298)
Maharam of Rothenburg
circa 1220-1293
By order of King Rudolph, Rabbi Meir was imprisoned in the fortress of Ensisheim and held for ransom. The king knew that the Jews would give away their last mark to redeem their beloved rabbi, and indeed the sum of 20,000 marks was raised for Rabbi Meir's freedom...
The Jewish Physician of Toledo
(Circa 5029-5100; 1269-1340)
(5057-5100; 1297-1340)
(5110-5180; 1340-1410)
(5120-5187 - 1360-1427 )
(5120-5187; 1360-1427)
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