There are only two things:
The One Above,
and you below.
For all the world is nothing more than the means by which you will connect the two.

If you learn some new Torah wisdom today,
it is precisely what you need to know for the next step of your life's mission.
Perhaps to do a certain mitzvah.
Perhaps to assist you avoid the opposite.
Or perhaps this learning itself is an essential part of your mission.

And since you know that for the other person the same holds true—he is also the center of his world—therefore some good must come from this knowledge for you to help that person in his life’s mission to connect above and below.

Whether you know of it or not, there is always a purpose—and a very specific purpose—to whatever enters your world at the time that it enters. For G‑d does not create anything in your world for nothing.

Reshimot, 44.