The workings and aims of tefilah are indicated in the very order (sidur) of the prayers. The composition of this order is not arbitrary. It follows a precise order and pattern.

The principal parts of the daily morning-prayers are: Pesukei Dezimra (Verses of Praise); Birchot Keri'at Shema (Blessings of the Shema; Keri'at Shema (Shema itself, as well as the prayers following it); and Shemoneh Esrei (the Eighteen Blessings of the Amidah).

There are also the Birchot Hashachar (Morning-Blessings, which originally used to be recited immediately as the specific occasions for their recitation arose), and additional prayers that follow the Shemoneh Esrei.

The general plan and arrangement of the Sidur follows the idea that man precede any requests and supplications by articulating the praises of G‑d.

The purpose of this is twofold:

(a) When submitting a request, first of all there must be an acknowledgment of the authority and ability of the one we petition to fulfill our wishes. In our context, when approaching G‑d with our prayers, we must first acknowledge His majesty and absolute sovereignty. In turn,

(b) this implies also an acknowledgment and proclamation of our own submission and allegiance.