Meat of that is treifah ('torn') in the field, you shall not eat… (22:30)

A sign of a treifah animal is that it cannot remain alive for twelve months

- The Talmud, Chulin 57b.

Rabbi Eliyahu Yosef of Dribin, a chassid of Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch, was once smitten with a critical illness. Rabbi Menachem Mendel advised him to relocate to the Holy Land, where he completely recovered.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel later explained that in the section of the Code of Jewish Law which deals with the laws of treifah, two great halachic authorities, the Beis Yosef and the Ramoh,1 disagree regarding Reb Eliyahu Yosef's 'case'. The Ramoh rules that an animal with such an illness cannot survive a year and is therefore treifah and unfit for consumption; the Beis Yosef, however, holds that it is kosher. In Europe, where we rule according to the Ramoh, Reb Eliyahu Yosef was afflicted with a terminal disease, G‑d forbid; but in the Land of Israel, where the rulings of the Beis Yosef are followed, his recovery could be achieved…