The world, and your life, only exists at this moment for one simple reason – because G‑d consciously and intentionally wants it here. Creation is not a passive process; it is active, dynamic and intentional, purposeful in every detail.

Actually, Kabbalah explains that the natural state of the universe is non-existence. Although our world and all of its creatures do exist, our true nature isn't that separate, solid state of being that it seems to be. Our inner essential being is Divine intention – active, fluid and infinitely alive.

At every moment, your circumstances, and the growth that they inspire, are orchestrated from AboveThis gives the old slogan "Today is the first day of the rest of your life" a whole new meaning. In point of fact, this moment is the first moment of your life. You have literally just been created… and now again… and again… and again. And as you read these words, G‑d is purposefully bringing your body, your memories, your tendencies, and your circumstances into finite being out of infinite Divine potential, because everything about you is an essential part of the vast cosmic plan. Although you do have the choice between right and wrong, good and evil, the results of your choices are not up to you. At every moment, your circumstances, and the growth that they inspire, are orchestrated from Above.

Everything that has happened and will happen for you is on behalf of this plan. You are here for one reason – because you have a specific Divine mission that you and only you are meant to fulfill. For this mission, G‑d created you with your basic nature and tendencies, your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes. He placed you in the family you were born to and gave you all of the experiences that influenced you from then until now.

Since we are gifted with free choice, we certainly have the power to do the wrong thing. But in the deepest sense, nobody has the power to derail G‑d's plan. We will all get where we're destined to go. But what we encounter along the way will unfold, in large part, according to the choices we make. So, although your choices can't change your destiny, they can definitely change your life.

The point is not that it doesn't matter what you do – quite the opposite. But when you internalize the deep awareness that no matter your mistakes, no matter how difficult your challenges, you are exactly where you need to be right now, you can approach the challenges of life with a profound and encompassing sense of peace, and the awareness that nothing is really wrong. And here's the secret: When you're at peace with what is now, you have the greatest power to create something new.

So here's your meditation for the week:

What if you got to start over again, right now? Who would you be? What dreams would you dream? What would you do differently for yourself, your loved ones and your world?