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Articles by Chana Weisberg

A selections of articles by noted educator, columnist and lecturer Chana Weisberg, discussing issues relating to women, faith, relationships, the Jewish soul, and more.

Ever since that day, good and bad, joy and sorrow, euphoria and pain became intermingled in every aspect of our experience
Voices in the Night
Late at night. A dark, cold night. "Mommy," a voice calls softy, anxiously, "Mommy, I'm scared..."
The Toddling Life
How often do we let out our greatest frustrations on the very people whom we care most about? A sign of love and trust, perhaps, but hurtful, nonetheless, to those closest to us
Your Inner iPod
Imagine that with the mere touch of a button, we had full control of our psyche and personality…
Baby Sized Ego
What is it about a baby that is so charismatic? Why do we not only tolerate a baby's disregard for social norms and her invasion of our personal space -- but even enjoy it?
A Lesson on Love
"Mommy, when is Shira finally coming home?" Yisroel whined for the fifth time that hour. "Why did you let her go away for s-u-c-h a long, long time?" After all, to his three-year-old self, a whole day was an eternity
Today marks the first day of school. I wave goodbye as my last and youngest child rushes from the front porch to his waiting carpool, and gently close the front door...
Acting Like a Two-Year-Old
Had each of the twenty-five of us totally lost our adult sanity? Were we enacting some kind of play or drama scene, or perhaps we were engaged in a psychology experiment?
A Driving Lesson
The clock on my dashboard showed 12:50 pm. My youngest son usually arrives home from school shortly after one o'clock, so I would have ample time before he rushed through the front door, and even some extra minutes to spare
We can discuss the rational merits of my argument until we're both blue in the face. But even more important is to understand why we are in this discussion to begin with
Finally I had no pressures, no anxiety, no chores or responsibilities, no phone calls or people pulling me in every which direction. So why was my mind blank?
The Crumb, the Flyer, and My Son's Computer Game
I pointed to a short-cut. "Why don't you steer the car that way?" Twisting the joystick, he showed me: "See, it doesn't let me go off track"
Pushing Buttons
Men love toys. So, it was no surprise to me when my husband returned home one day with the latest gadget, claiming it was vital for the enhancement of the quality of our life
In the Fitting Room of the Soul
The jacket was the right size, just my color, had a designer label, and was reduced to a price you just couldn’t resist . . .
Unknown Variables
Finding life's solutions is a lot like 10th grade math. You need to: a) take it one step at a time; b) isolate the "unknown variable"; c) be big enough to ask Mommy for help
Sizing Up a Situation
My son raised his small hands and placed his stubby fingers right in front of his eyes. "See," he announced. "My hand blocks the sun"
G-d in the Laundry Room
Load after load of whites and darks. Heavily soiled and lightly soiled. Delicate wear and regular cycle. Do You watch the constant motion and wonder at the necessity of the repetition?
In and Out
The doctor and a team of nurses surround the laboring woman. One wipes her furrowed brow with a damp cloth. Another grasps her clenched fist. Anticipation fills the sterile, white room
The Ultimate Editor
Every life has one: the power-that-be who guards the mandate of the publication, decides which articles will see the light of day, and suggests/insists on the changes to be made in the content and wording
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