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Meditations on Darkness & Light

For His best miracles, G-d prefers to act anonymously.
The final war is the battle of Chanukah and the miracle of light.
Why do we call G-d the Infinite Light? Because no place is too small, no moment too insignificant, for the Infinite Light to belong.
Never forget that your true place is a place of light.
Never underestimate the power of a simple, pure deed done from the heart.
When light shines, darkness hides. But when darkness shines, everything shines.
There’s billions of us. But it takes only one to change the world.
We all know the power of darkness. A thousand times over is the power of light.
When darkness fights back, it means there is something worth fighting for.
When you come back home, your darkness becomes light.
I already have the wiring. I just need help finding my switch.
Doing good when you’re inspired is nice. Doing good despite yourself is divine.
The light of Chanukah is forever.
As darkness sits at the heart of a flame, so joy emerges out of the struggles of life.
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